Hi! I'm Sarah.

I'm a therapist, yoga & mindfulness teacher and mother to two girls and I get what you’re going through right now.

I get wanting to throw something at someone that tells you you need some self-care. 

I get the running on fumes, pushing yourself to the brink, hanging on and losing your shit that can come with Motherhood.

I get the questioning and re-questioning everything, whether it’s what you “should” do in the 15 min of time you have for yourself, or what’s “best” for your kid.

What I also get… is that life and motherhood doesn’t have to be this hard.

I know with every cell of my body that it’s possible to have a different relationship with your body and your self-care… one that’s intuitive, personal to you and most importantly - guilt-free.


I know this because  The School of MOM was birthed (pun intended!) out of my personal experience as a mother and its intersection with my professional experience in my therapy practice and yoga classes, working with moms.

My Story

About a decade ago, personal issues with my own mother pushed me into the deep end of struggles:

  • high self-expectations
  • self-doubt
  • self-criticism and 
  • endlessly seeking approval 

...they showed up everywhere. And support and affirmation from my own mother wasn't only hard to come by, it was unavailable.

Maybe this is true for you too.

Experience has taught me when you're pushed into the deep end...

It is truly sink or swim. 

Right now, you might be floundering in self-doubt, overwhelm, or even some bitterness and rage, hoping you actually figure out how to float. Or more accurately put: survive. 

I learned there was a floatation device that was accessible to me at ALL times, that I didn't know was there — the ancient wisdom and teachings of mindfulness and self-compassion. (If you’re a fellow science and data nerd - the awesome thing to note is that all of these practices are backed by modern day data and science!)

This flotation device (mindfulness) is accessible to you too.

I've spent thousands of hours training and experiencing the benefits of mindfulness through my personal practice. Now I know it’s my life's calling to teach women and moms to give themselves the love, acceptance and support that they so desperately seek from others - and often from their mothers.

Which is why I created a transformative resource and community to have these healthy conversations.

When I created The School of MOM, I had no idea that we would be living through such disrupted and uncertain times. I’m so glad to be offering this oasis of community and mindfulness practice in the midst of all the unknowns and chaos.

Fun Facts About Me

  1. I declared psychology as my major after my first psychology class freshman year in college - I KNEW it was my calling!
  2. After graduating college, I lived in San Diego for 3 years and then New Zealand for 3 years. While I loved managing a women's duathlon series in New Zealand (and being a part of the Ironman NZ team!), I am a New Englander at heart and missed my seasons... and eventually knew it was time to move back to Boston to start graduate school.
  3. I love to windsurf, sail, waterski… put me near/on the water and I’m happy. Surprise, surprise - I’m a pisces.
  4. I have Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls in every bag and room of my house. #ballsessed
  5. I honestly believe that my path and life’s work chose me. I’m beyond grateful to love my work, which doesn’t feel like work.
  6. I did the worm at my wedding in a short dress. Yup...

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