The School of MOM is the only mindfulness program that combines an intentional online curriculum, with coaching calls and in-person events geared toward the busy lives of modern mothers.

Students in our Foundations Course benefit from the best of both worlds: A self-paced immersion in mindfulness teaching combined with opportunities to more deeply learn how to apply the principles in their own lives.

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Could Mindful Parenting Help Me?

We don't just help you be the Mom you aspire to be. Our intentional and immersive online mindfulness program empowers you to experience motherhood with confidence, clarity, forgiveness and compassion.

The School of MOM helps women embrace the principles of mindfulness -- curiosity, kindness, acceptance and discernment -- and apply them to real-life scenarios and decision-making to be more present, self-aware and empowered.

Only through this transformative work can we truly reach our full potential as women and mothers, and set a better example and positive path forward for our children. 

Our mission is to be a trusted online program that offers education, support and actionable tools to help women become the type of mindful, resilient, patient and compassionate humans they want to raise.

Meet Sarah Harmon

Founder of The School of MOM

Sarah Harmon is a mom to 2 girls, certified mindfulness and yoga instructor and Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Her philosophy artfully combines mindfulness teaching with modern data and science for an approach that is effective, results-driven and evidence-based.

She hopes that her curated programs and offerings, which are grounded in community, will help women and moms shift generational cycles of guilt, shame and judgment. 

This School of MOM is dedicated to all the women in Sarah’s family. She can now say that she is deeply grateful for her own personal struggles as they pushed her to dive into this life changing work. She is also forever changed by and grateful for her Mother and her 2 beautiful daughters, who are ultimately her biggest teachers.

Mothering Oneself Mindfully: Foundations

All students start with our foundational mindfulness course. This online course provides essential teachings that are divided into four modules with practice exercises for real-life application, guided meditations and opportunities for self-reflection.

Our program thoughtfully and seamlessly incorporates informational and practice videos, worksheets, and group coaching sessions as the building blocks for a robust mindfulness program created specifically for Moms.

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3 Components of Foundations Course

Immerse yourself in our curriculum modules with practice videos, worksheets and group sessions. 

Engage in deeper learning through access to a moderated private online community and group coaching calls for ongoing accountability.

Understand how mindfulness applies in your daily life and gain strategies for real-life application. 

Mothering Oneself Mindfully: Foundations

Registration for June 2020 is now closed.


6 Week Course Begins: Monday, June 1, 2020

  • Week 1: Module 1 - Curiosity/Self-awareness
  • Week 2: Module 2 - Discernment/Self-empowerment
  • Week 3: Integration and Reflection
  • Week 4: Module 3 - Acceptance/Self-acceptance
  • Week 5: Module 4 - Kindness/Self-compassion
  • Week 6: Integration and Reflection

Course includes:

  • Lifetime Access to Online Foundations Course
  • 4 Weekly Modules (including at least 2 Practice Videos)
  • 2 Moderated Reflection and Integration Weeks
  • Accompanying Worksheets
  • 3 Live Group Coaching Calls (includes BONUS call for inaugural course members)
  • Private Facebook Group moderated by Sarah
  • Course Graduate Only Invitation to The Circle of Mom Membership Community


  • First 5 people to sign up will receive a 20 min individual coaching session with Sarah (valued at $200)
  • BONUS WEBINAR: Guide to Being Mom Guilt Free
  • BONUS GROUP COACHING CALL - exclusive to inaugural course 
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Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you:

  • Are committed to raising a present, kind, patient, compassionate and resilient kid(s).
  • Are tired of not receiving the support you need and yearn for from your Mother or from other people in your life.
  • Are seeking a community of smart, insightful women, who are open to being vulnerable with the support and guidance of a trained professional.
  • Are passionate about evolving your self-awareness to positively shift your relationship with yourself and shift habits that potentially haven't served you.
  • Are ready to confidently let go of all the self-doubt, shoulds and Mom-guilt.
  • Are tired of feeling run-down, lonely, anxious and overwhelmed by high expectations you have of yourself.
  • Are craving self-care and more balance, but are not sure how to get these things or even what self-care and balance look like as a Mom.
  • Are either curious about or committed to shifting generational cycles of guilt, shame and judgment for future generations to come.

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Jamie O'Day and Emily Silver, Co-founders of Boston Naps

Sarah excels at all that she does both as a therapist, coach and as a mindfulness and yoga instructor. She is smart, compassionate, and devotes her whole self to ensuring the women she works with are an active participant in navigating their own, personal health and wellness journey. She also gets it, because she too is a mom, just like us, and knows the unique challenges that women face throughout motherhood. We cannot recommend Sarah and The School of Mom enough! 

Christina G.

"Working with Sarah has changed my life and unlocked my soul to experiencing myself, my life, and motherhood in the way I’ve always wanted. She keeps its 100% real, offers you 360 support via extensive resources, yoga practice, mindfulness, and helping to reframe how I approached my anxiety and internal negative dialog. She’s extremely well read and brings that as a foundation coupled with her authentic way of connecting with you right where you're at....and always never with judgement. Sarah’s incorporation of mindfulness and self compassion have unearthed the tools of mothering myself which is something I hadn’t done for myself and now that I’m a mom is more important than ever."

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