Become the present, compassionate and resilient human you want to raise

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Discover your dominant internal voice and how it shows up in your role as a mom 

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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, anxious and like you’re stuck in what seems like parenting groundhog day, I’ve got some great news.

It’s possible to make significant positive shifts to how you feel in your current life, and how you show up for your kids, without making significant changes to your circumstances.

If you just had a different job or a more helpful mother, or a less whiny kid…. It would all be different. Right?

The truth is you have access to the peace of mind that you so desperately crave — and you don’t need to become a completely different person to get it. The problem is you just haven’t had the right information, tools or support to make this your reality!

This is why I started The School of MOM.

I realized that women and moms (myself included!) needed the right education, community and resources to BECOME the present, compassionate and resilient humans that they want to raise.

The School of MOM was birthed (pun intended) out of my personal experience as a mother and its intersection with my professional experience in my therapy practice working with women and moms. 


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How about developing a mindfulness superpower instead?

Harness the ability to- regain control and feel at ease in your day-to-day without needing to change anything happening around you- Take care of yourself AND take ownership of your experience regardless of what’s out of your control.

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"To say Sarah and The School of MOM has helped me become a better mom, wife, business partner, and boss, essentially a better human, would be a vast understatement. She has helped me work towards becoming the best version of myself through giving my strategies to help cultivate better relationships both personally and professionally by teaching me how to have control over my actions, by first changing my thoughts. She has taught me how to be more present and appreciative of my time with my kids through mindfulness and the practice of discernment (the pause between feelings and action). She has taught me to be less frustrated with challenging situations and/or people in my life through resetting my expectations and using boundaries. She is the very best at what she does."

- Jamie O'Day, Founder of Boston NAPS

"The School of MOM has opened my eyes to the power of mindfulness and given me space to learn how to practice it. Sarah's expertise is only surpassed by her warmth, compassion and commitment to helping women cope with stress, uncertainty and life's daily grind. The School of MOM has enabled me to connect with a community of women who offer support, understanding and a sense of belonging in a world that can be isolating at times. I've only just begun to explore the practice of mindfulness and can clearly see the benefits of incorporating it into my life. I give all the credit to The School of MOM."

- Amanda

"Working with Sarah has changed my life and unlocked my soul to experiencing myself, my life, and motherhood in the way I’ve always wanted. She keeps its 100% real, offers you 360 support via extensive resources, yoga practice, mindfulness, and helping to reframe how I approached my anxiety and internal negative dialog. She’s extremely well read and brings that as a foundation coupled with her authentic way of connecting with you right where you're at....and always never with judgement. Sarah’s incorporation of mindfulness and self compassion have unearthed the tools of mothering myself which is something I hadn’t done for myself and now that I’m a mom is more important than ever."

- Christina