If you are someone who:


💡Feels like taking care of yourself is another thing to do

💡Doesn't have the time or know how to make the time to take care of yourself

💡Has no idea of what taking care of yourself even means these days

💡Could use a spark of motivation and commitment to take care of yourself

💡Needs a little nudge and accountability to follow through on what you know is good for you


We will kick off on the Lunar New Year—Sunday 1/22 at 7:45 pm EST. 

Join us for an opening ceremony to set the stage for a week of short, accessible practices together.


MOM Week is free to join and will entail a combo of short live sessions (all with replays!) and pre-recorded.

These are short and sweet - think bite-size snacks NOT huge meals! The goal of these practices is that there is really no excuse not to do them... because they easy to integrate into your daily life as a Mom.

*Disclaimer - don't be fooled by short and sweet. These evidence backed practices pack a rejuvenating punch.









What School of MOM community members are saying... 

"Balance, peace and mindfulness can be part of your everyday experience as a mother. Sarah & her offerings have become daily teachers and supporters of those amazing things! It's hard to make time for anything, but she helps you claim back time for the things that matter."

"The School of MOM has enabled me to connect with a community of women who offer support, understanding and a sense of belonging in a world that can be isolating at times. I've only just begun to explore the practice of mindfulness and can clearly see the benefits of incorporating it into my life. I give all the credit to The School of MOM."


Hi, I’m Sarah

I am a mom of 2 little girls, a therapist and a yoga & mindfulness teacher. 

Since I became a mom 5 years ago, I have experienced first-hand how hard it is to make the transition from a free floating/do what you want when you want individual to a parent who is pulled in many directions and can easily put herself last.

Not only have I been passionate about learning how to make time for myself, I’m also committed to learning and teaching my therapy clients and School of MOM community members to do the same. Because the truth is -  I haven’t met one Mom over the past 5+ years that doesn’t struggle with making time for herself in the hundreds of hours I’ve spent working with moms and since I have become a mom!

Where I’m at today in how I approach my own time and self-care is a product of my psychology and mindfulness training, as well as a whole lot of research, professional support and personal trial and error. 

I want to spare you the time, effort and money that I’ve invested in my own evolution and give you the cliff’s notes!

I want you to have access to the compilation of an array of planners, science of mindfulness and habits, and the psychology of behavior change that have all helped me overcome my own struggles of making time for myself.


"One of the best ways we can take care of ourselves as human beings is through connection and community and a beautiful, powerful space for that is within The School of Mom."